Lalo! in Mexico City, Mexico’s reputation precedes it.  Go for an American-style brunch with a distinct Latino touch.

Rise Rating: 67%

The Obsidian Rise diagram above provides a visual for the rating explained in writing, below.  From left to right—

Story (3/3): A quick search about the background of Lalo! online will likely produce long threads about its eponymous founder, Eduardo García.  His Story as an illegal immigrant in the United States and then from incarceration to chef has piqued the interest of many journalists and foodies, and his current business(es) in Mexico City are now booming with fanfare.  For an any-time meal, Lalo! feels like the place to be, for its large and bustling qualities are a prime example of the city’s ability to merge cultures over time.  Here, locals, expats and tourists co-exist without awkwardness, as everyone seems equally hungry for his pleasing plates.

Sustainability (1/3): Lalo!’s menu notes that the eatery is proudly straw-less and that it also exalts regional ingredients.  Beyond these initial efforts, however, it is not clear that any further efforts towards Sustainability are being made.

Experience (2/3): Waiting lists at restaurants always carry a bit of internal conflict, as although they can immediately give an eatery an allure of success, there are few who show up for a brunch happy to hang out without consuming something.  Thankfully, although the crowd outside of Lalo! was sizeable upon our arrival, our party of two was seated quickly and the buzzing servers didn’t miss a beat to take our orders and then to relay the majority of items right away.  As a result, Lalo! felt like both an institution and also like a living organism— well liked and well managed for continued success.  What’s more, its brightly painted walls and open air entry breathed energy and some funk into our Experience.

Cuisine (2/3): It’d be difficult to complain about the food at Lalo!  With its extensive day-time menu and practiced recipes, one can order from a sizable selection of Mexican or American plates, some hearty and some trendily health conscious.  (Although ordering an açaí bowl in Mexico City can seem like quite the cop out, after numerous heartier meals, the lighter dish hit just the spot.)  An overall judgment would be that the quality and presentation of Lalo!’s Cuisine was definitely above average, but also nothing to write home about.

Diversity (2/3): The Diversity at Lalo! was strong, with some room for improvement.  García is said to manage the restaurant with his wife.  However, although the waiters were also of both genders, it seemed that introducing some international servers to the Mexican mix would more appropriately reflect the many layers of its clientele.  Beyond this, as aforementioned, its selection of dishes was vast, without going too far afield.


For more information regarding this rating methodology, please click here.

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